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Founded in 2019, Burnside Recording Studios LLC began by serving the recording needs of local musicians in the Los Angeles area. Since then, we’ve expanded both the services we offer and the equipment we provide to our clients. Our Recording Studio provides a comfortable and innovative environment to achieve quality work. Whatever audio you would like to create and record, our team is here to help you make the most our of your skills and creativity. Come by to see our studio today.

Find out how to properly send Burnside Studios your files for mixing and mastering.

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Explore our equipment list and studio gear.

Have you recently recorded with us? View our Instagram posts to see our day-to-day sessions!

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From Grammy Award winning artists and producers to up-and-coming musicians and vocalists, our studio is a facility that embraces anyone who wants to create music.


Do you have a question about Burnside Studios? If so, we may have answered it right here!

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